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I tell brands stories in creative ways,  working across visual, digital design and Webflow development. All creative outcomes are all under pined with a brand and UX strategy.

Working in some of the top London agencies, with incredible brands ranging from luxury to startups, has given me a wealth of experience at where the intersection of brand and digital meet.

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Name: Lili . M . X . Price
Mobile: +44 (0) 7432 769438
Address: London

Service Offered

-UX & UI Design
- Webflow Development
- Workshop
- Design Retainer Time

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Education & Course

- Webflow University Course (2020)
- University of the Arts London Chelsea College of Art (2018) BA Graphic Design Communication (2:1)

Design Values

1. Designers should take greater responsibility. They are visual designers and decision architects and therefore have a huge influence on consumers' thinking. This means that they have the power to change behaviours, habits and choices the consumers make.

2. The design should never be compromised. The number one priority of the designer should be to create beautiful products, services and experiences, which perfectly suit the consumers' needs.

3. However, in all areas of the design process, designers should be thinking about the full product lifecycle. Not just the intended purpose of outcome, but how and what it is made from and how the process and product have an impact on society. Does it function as intended? Lastly, once the product has been used, how can the product get disposed of in a sustainable way?

4. Humanity needs to be brought back into society, design and products. We rely too much on technology. Society has forgotten how to be human and how to build a strong and cohesive community where values lie with family and friends.

5. Designers should be creating designs, experiences, products and re-thinking social structures that matter and add long-term value to people's lives. Quality over quantity!

6. Businesses should take responsibility for how their product lifecycles affect society.

7. "Little Things can make a Big Difference" - The Tipping Point | Malcolm Gladwell

8."Creativity is a powerful tool for impact.... we can use it through design to reframe complex problems and imagine new and exciting solutions to solving them" - Finn Harries


UX / UI, Webdevelopment & Asset building - Webflow / Figma / Sketch / After Effects / Lottie Animation

3D & 2D Assets - Cinema 4D / Octane RenderVideo - Adobe Affter Effects / Art direction / Premiere Pro


Tate Modern, Fever Tree, Clinique,Carolina Herrera, Beauty by Holition, Kiko, Tenzing, Sacla, Pscyle, Polpo, Beco Pets, Fish Said Fred, Kabuto Noodles, Chapel down, GU, Natual Fitness food, Trip, Holition, Twotwentyseven &   Adrelene Studio.

Design Experience

Onomy Agency
2022 - Current
Founder & Creative Director

Onomy is an agency that is at the intersection of where brand and digital meet. We take technology startups that are solving big problems in society and craft them beautiful sophicated storytelling that can help them grow, thrive, build tribe, change a system and solve problems for a better society.

We are in the process of launching our agency, and as the founder and creative director, I've been focused on developing our brand strategy, branding, website design, and webflow development. Our anticipated launch date is at the end of 2023.

Freelance Designer & Webflow developer
2022 - Current
UX & UI Designer

As a freelance designer collaborating with design agencies worldwide, I've been fortunate to engage in a diverse array of client-facing projects encompassing UX and UI design, as well as webflow development projects. In addition to these external endeavors, I've also contributed to internal marketing initiatives. One notable accomplishment includes spearheading a comprehensive 360 marketing campaign that effectively communicates the impactful work of Twotwentyseven in conjunction with our esteemed clientele. It has been a privilege to be part of such dynamic and engaging projects.

Digital Design Nomad
2023 - Current
Youtube Channel and Instagram

Seizing a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, I made the decision to document my global travels and the process of establishing a design agency. Through the power of visual storytelling, I started creating captivating YouTube videos for my dedicated channel. Additionally, I immersed myself in photography, capturing breathtaking moments that I proudly share on Instagram and other social media platforms. This incredible journey continues to unfold, leaving me with a wealth of amazing experiences to cherish.

2021 - 2022
Mid Weight Designer

Twotwentyseven is a digital website agency, specialising in e-commerce websites & gym booking platforms. They launch, grow, and evolve ambitious startups and established businesses through intuitive design and intelligent technology. Their clients include Fever-Tree, All Plants, and Psycle. Their tech partners include Shopify, Mailchimp & Vimeo.

My role as their first design team member has been to help define and implement a structured design process within the agency. This has focused on implementing a discovery session stage that assesses clients’ brands in detail and reviews their UX requirements and strategy for their websites in a structured and efficient way. The results are then used to form a creative strategy for their website in order to solve their pain points and meet the purpose of their website. I also work on defining a branding process. This consists of a brand discovery session, a creative strategy session, design work and a handoff process.

I have worked on a number of diverse client-facing projects with a diverse range of exciting and dynamic startups ranging from complex booking platforms using Codexfit components to e-commerce platforms for business in the food industry through to the Beauty Industry. Some of the clients I have had the privilege of working and collaborating with are Tenzing, Sacla, Pscyle, Polpo, Beco Pets, Fish Said Fred, Kabuto Noodles, Chapel down, Natural Fitness food & Trip. Feedback from these clients includes;

“Sacla Conversion rate improved by over 125% year on year with their new site”

“Trip's Shopify Plus site has seen double-digit growth in conversion, since the launch of their new e-com site”

“Tenzing product page launch conversion increased by a WHOPPING 41%!”

2019 - 2021
Junior Digital Designer

My role in the creative team focuses on branding, UI and graphic design briefs. However, working on a small start-up company within the agency means I have had to use a broad range of multidisciplinary based skills to apply to creative problems. These range from augmented reality calibrations and motion graphics through to web development using Webflow. I have also worked on internal marketing projects such as Holition Talks branding.

I have worked with diverse teams on pitches to external clients and live client projects. I have had the opportunity to teach interns about branding, give talks at UAL and a radio interview at the Tate about my experiences.Beauty by Holition project - is a startup sister company to Holition. It has been developed over 10 years. It takes FACE software developed by Holition and productises the SDKs. Beauty by HolitionTM is a cross-platform virtual try-on and diagnostics tool which uses AI and machine-learning algorithms, with superior tracking and visual rendering.

My job has been to strategically place Beauty by Holition in the AR beauty market by a re-design of their branding and visual style, by balancing technology and beauty. I have designed and developed a fully customised, micro interactive, fully responsive and CMS driven website using Webflow. I have used many different skills from coding logic, Lottie animation, responsive device testing and asset making. Lastly, I have applied the new branding to marketing assets such as pitch decks, webinar series and social media assets.

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