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I tell brands stories in creative ways,  working across visual, digital design and Webflow development. All creative outcomes are all under pined with a brand and UX strategy.

Working in some of the top London agencies, with incredible brands ranging from luxury to startups, has given me a wealth of experience at where the intersection of brand and digital meet.

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Polpo - London Restaurant

Redesign of UX & UI  & Visual translation of digital brand


POLPO has been serving Venetian style sharing plates to Londoners since 2009. Taking inspiration from the traditional bàcari of Venice.

The primary objective was to translate their renowned physical brand into the digital realm while maintaining their distinctive branding. Additionally, we aimed to create a user-friendly booking system that aligned with their brand identity, enabling customers to reserve tables with ease.


1. seamlessly translate the unique physical branding of Polpo into the digital space, ensuring that the brand's tone of voice and vibe were maintained.

2. To create a clear and intuitive user experience journey for booking tables, providing customers with a hassle-free process.

3. To allow Polpo's distinct assets stood out in their digital form, enabling the brand to maintain its identity and authenticity.

Deliveraies of project

Visual Strategy
3D Animation
Graphic Design
Asset Build

Our Approach

Our approach to addressing Polpo's significant concerns involved collaborating closely with their team. Together, we worked through a problem and successfully solved it. Here's a breakdown of how we achieved this:

1. We began with a brand discovery session where we met with Polpo's team to learn about their brand, mission, target audience, and priorities for their website.

2. We then immersed ourselves in the Polpo brand by dining at their restaurant, experiencing their offerings as customers would.Using this knowledge.

3. we created style scapes to translate the brand's identity digitally.Next, we designed the wireframes for the website's user experience.

4. We proceeded to develop the website.

5. Finally, we launched the website, delivering a successful solution to Polpo's biggest concerns.

3 main pilliars, wefocused on: 

1. We fouced in on 2 user journey that were imporant to Polpo Book table & view menu. 

2. Translating their physical brand into a digital brand. keeping that balnce of trend london, sophicated Veinice and warehouse new york in a morden and fresh way. 

3. Allowing the images to be big and tell the story. 

Project Completed at Twotwentyseven:

- Project Management - Poppy Maltby & Eric Sheforgen
- Developer - Gracjan Mirek